Msn:20207/Msn:20232.Fokker F27 Mark 050.


Registered as PH-FZH  Fokker B.V.

Msn:20210  PH-FZH  Fokker/TAM.

Photo  Remi Dallot 

Photo Date (November 15,1995.)


Msn:20211  PH-KVG  Insel Air /Aruba

Photo Roger Cannegieter.

Photo Date (June 5,2011.)


Msn:20212  Fokker F50.

Registrated to Fokker B.V. as PH-PRJ  February 15,1991.

First Flight  February 25,1991 as PH-PRJ.

Delivered to Philipine Airlines  as PH-PRJ. 

Returned to Fokker B.V. March 12,1999.

Leased to Demin Air/Air Nostrum  January 21,2000.

Leased to Demin Air/Trans Travel Airlines October 27,2000.

Leased to Aer Arann Airlines  October 13,2002.

Sold to Skywest Airlines as VH-FNE  September 19,2006.

TO Virgin Australia  April 11,2013  as VH-FNE.

Sold to Mayair as XA-UZG  September 9,2017.

Msn:20212  PH-PRJ  Philippines.

Photo with permission from LRS747.

Photo Date (July 1,1996.)


Msn:20212  PH-PRJ  Demin Air/Lsd  by Air Nostrum. Jan./Oct.2000.

Photo with permission from LRS747.

Photo Date (September 24,2000.)


Msn:20212  PH-PRJ  Trans Travel Airlines.

Photo Ton Janssen.

Photo Date (March 31,2001.)


Msn:20212  PH-PRJ  Euro Hopper.Com.

Photo with permission from Danny Grew.

Photo Date (June 17,2003.)

Msn:20212  PH-PRJ  Demin Airways.

Photo with permission from LRS747.

Photo Date (July 6,2004.)

Msn:20212  PH-PRJ  Leased by KLM Cityhopper.

Photo Peter de Jong.

Photo Date (May 16,2006.)

Msn:20121  VH-FNE  Skywest Airlines.


Photo Date ()

Msn:20212  XA-UZG  Mayair.  (Basic Skywest colors.)

Photo Kukulkan Avia.

Photo Date (October 10,2017.)


Msn:20214  5Y-WFD  Fly24 Air.

Photo Maries Hoepner.

Photo Date (June 24 2023.)



Msn:20216  SE-LFS  Amapola Flyg AB.

Photo  Lukas Stawiarz.

Photo Date   (October 31,2017.)


Msn:20220  EP-NFT  Karun Airlines.

Photos  Hasam Hsnede.

Photo Date ()


Msn:20223  D-AFKN  Team Lufthansa.

Photo Michael Roeser.

Photo Date (August 8,1997.)                                                                 


Msn:20229  5001 Taiwan Air Force.

Photo Hayashi 008

Photo Date (February 24,2024.)