Msn:10309  Fokker F27 Mark.

Msn:10317  EC-EUU  TNT Express/Panair.

Photo Fred de Ruiter.

Photo Date (July 11,1990.)


Msn:10318  D-ADEP  Ratioflug. (Without Tail logo.)

Photo  with permission from Ramin Fischer Collection.

PhotoDate (March 14,1989.)


Msn:10318  D-ADEP  Ratioflug.

Photo Michael Roeser.

Photo Date (August 5,1991.)

Msn:10318  D-ADUP  WDL Aviation.

Photo Stefano Orsucci.

Photo Date (February 22,2012.)

Msn:10325  A40-FA  Malaysian Airline System.

Photo with permission from John Mounce Collection.

(Photo Date July 16,1979)


Msn:10327  10327  Philippines Air Force.

Photo with permission from Gerard Helmer.

Photo Date (1982.)