F27  Msn:10517-Msn:10542.

Msn:10524  VH-FCB  Setair.

Photo  John Mounce Collection.

Photo Date (October 30,1983.)

Msn:10526  PH-EXR  Algerian Government.

Photo  with permission from LRS747.

Photo date (February 28,1976.)

Msn:10526  7T-WAO  Algerian Government.

Photo  Peter van Stelle. (Photo date December 19,1980.)

Msn:10527  7T-VRN  Algerian Government.

Photo  John Visanich.

Photo date (February 12,1982.)

Msn:10529  7T-WAM  Algerian Government.

Photo Felix Goetting.

Photo Date (January 16,2001.)

PH-EXO  Msn:10532  Ansett Airlines of New South Wales.

Photo  www.Aussie Airliners.Org.

VH-FCC  Msn:10532  Ansett Airlines of  New south Wales.

Photo with permission from David Carter.

Photo Date (January 12,1977.)

VH-FCC  Msn:10532  Air New south Wales.

Photo with permission from  LRS747.

Photo Date(September 6.1985.)

VH-FCC  Msn:10532  Air New South Wales.

Photo with permission from Graham Bennett.

Photo Date (October 2,1981)

N282MA  Msn:10532  Northwest  (Ansett colors.)

Photos with permission from Graham Bennett. 

Photo Date ( December 2,1988.)

VH-FCC  Msn:10532  Ex Ansett /Northwest.

Photo with permission from  Graham Bennett.

Photo Date (November 2.1988)

Msn:10539  VH-EWQ  East West Airlines.

Photo with permission from Dietrich Eggert.

Photo Date (August 4,1976.)

Msn:10539  PT-LAM  TAM Brasil.


Photo Date