Msn.11031  N803PH  Fokker F28-1000.

First Flight  March 11,1971.

Delivery Date  to Aviaction.

Delivered  November 9,1989. Horizon Air.

Msn:11031  D-AHLB  Aviaction.

Photo Andre Frossard.

Photo Date  (April 1,1978.)


Msn:11031  N803PH  Horizon Air.

Photo  with permission from LRS 747.

Photo Date (October 26,1995.)

                                                                                                   United States

Msn:11032  TC-JAZ  Turkish Airlines.

Photo Stephan Barth Collection.

Photo Date (August 5,1973.)



Msn:11037  PH-ZBF   Fokker B.V.  401 Paris Air Show 

Photo  Alain Picolet. (Photo Date June 10,1973.)


                                                                                                         The Netherlands

Msn:11038  P2-ANF    Air Niugini.

Photo with permission from Peter Gates

(Photo Date August 1,1987.)

Msn:11041  C2-RN1  Air Nauru.

Photo Rob Rindt Collection (Photo Date July 1,1975)

Msn:11049  P2-ANB    Air Niugini.

Photo David Carter.

(Photo Date March 2,1989.)

Msn:11050  D-AGAC   Germanair.

Photo Jo Beeck .

Photo Date (July 5,1975.)


Msn:11050  D-AGAC  Lsd  to  Itavia.

Photo with permission from Michael Roeser.

(Photo date. November 5,1976.