Msn:10102  D-BAKI  Interregional Fluggeseltschaft.

Photo Walter Green Collection.

Msn:10102  D-BAKI  DLT 

Photo  Krijn Oostlander Collection.

Msn:10102  D-BAKI WDL.

Photo  Krijn Oostlander Collection.

Msn:10102  D-BAKI   Repaint to DLT colors.

Photo Udo Haafke (July 23,1982)

Msn:10102  D-BAKI  WDL.

Photo Wolfgang Zilske. (April 8,1989)

Msn:10102  D-BAKI  FTG

Photo  Michael Roeser. (August 1,1989)

Msn:10102  D-BAKI  WDL Aviation.

Photo Michael Roeser (March 1,1992)

Msn:10102  PH-NVF  Aviodrome Museum.

Photo Frans van Zelm Collection.

Msn:10102  PH-NVF  Aviodrome Museum.


Msn:10102  PH-NVF  Aviodrome Museum.


Msn:10102  PH-NVF  Aviodrome Museum.

Photo George Canciani (June 30,2009)

Msn:10102  PH-NVF  Aviodrome Museum.

Photo  Berend de Vries (Photo date  September 9,2004)

Msn:10103  Fatique test Airframe.  (not  finished)

Msn:10104  Test Airframe  (not finished)


Msn:10105  Fokker F27 Friendship Mark.100.

First Flight. as PH-FAA  CofR 619/CofA 966. March 23,1958.

Delivered to AerLingus as EI-AKA  November 19,1958.

Sold to Aeroben  Ltd  as EI-AKA  April 28,1965.

Sold to New Zealand National Airways. March 1,1966. PH-FSF  CofR 1209 Fokker N.V.  June 8,1966.

Delivery Flight. July 19, PH-FSF.

ReRegd. to ZK-NAH  N.Z.National Airways July 27.1966.

Renamed Air New Zealand Ltd  April 1,1978.

Sold to Australian Aircraft Sales  October 24,1981.

Registeted as VH-NLS  Charter Cruise Air Ltd  December 27,1985.

Renamed  Aircruising Australia April 26,1986.

Sold to Aviodrome/Fokker Heritage Trust  October 31,1986.

Delivery date December 15,2005.

Registered as PH-FHF  CofR 6768  August 23,2005.

Msn:10105  PH-FAA  Aer Lingus.


Msn:10105 EI-AKA  Aer Lingus.

Photo Krijn Oostlander Collection.

Msn:10105  ZK-NAH  N.Z.National Airways Corporation.


Msn:10105  ZK-NAH  Air New Zealand.


Msn:10105  Ex ZK-NAH  Australian Aircraft Sales.


Msn:10105  VH-NLS  Australian Aircraft Sales.


Msn:10105  VH-NLS  Aircruising Australia.


Msn:10105  PH-FHF  Aviodrome/FHT.


Msn:10105  PH-FHF  Aviodrome/Fokker Heritage Trust.

Photo Krijn Oostlander.

Msn:10105  PH-FHF  Aviadrome/Fokker Heritage Trust.

Photo  Sabastien Gigot.


Msn:10106  Fokker F27 Friendship Mark 100.

Registerted to Fokker N.V. as PH-FAB June 13,1958.

First Flight as PH-FAB  June 16,1958.

Delivered to AerLingus as EI-AKB November 19,1958.

Sold to Aeroben Ltd as EI-AKB  April 28,1965.

Leased to Philippine Airlines as PI-C530  January 17,1966.

Leased to Alia Jordanian Airlines as JY.ADD.

Registered to Fokker N.V. as PH-FSH  August 2,1967.

Delivered to Spantax SA as EC-BNJ  November 2,1967.

Leased to Aviaco Aviacion  y Comercio SA. April 1,1972.

Sold to Spantax SA as EC-BNJ  June 14,1974.Sold to Air Classic GmbH  as D-BOBY  February 1,1982.

Leased to WDL Flugdienst GmbH as D-BOBY  November 27,1982.

Msn:10106  EI-AKB  Aer Lingus.


Msn:10106  JY-ADD  Royal Jordanian  Airlines.


Msn:10106  JY-ADD  Royal  Jordanian Airlines.


Msn:10106   G-IOMA  Loganair.


Msn:10106  D-BAKO  WDL.


Msn:10106  D-BAKO  WDL Aviation.


Msn:10107  EI-AKC  Aer Lingus.

Photo Bill Torens  (Photo date May 8,1966)

Msn:10107  PH-SAP  Schreiner Airways.


Msn:10107  EC-BFV  Spantax S.A.

Photo  Eduard Marmet. ()

Msn:10109  EC-BRN  Aviaco SA.


Msn:10110  EI-AKE  AerLingus.